Wildlife Conservation Society

Bronx, NY — PPDR conducted Front-end, Formative and Summative Evaluation for planning and designing the spectacular exhibition, “Congo Gorilla Forest” (AAM and AZA awards for Best Exhibit of the Year). Congo Gorilla Forest Revisited: Years later, our Summative Evaluation explored design issues about the need for revisions, asking questions such as “What are visitors’ perceptions of this exhibition 15 years after opening? Is it still as enjoyable and as effective in conveying conservation messages as it was in the original summative evaluation? (as documented in Curator, 2004, 47(3), p. 261-278: “Why is Congo Gorilla Forest a Successful Conservation Exhibit?”)

Saint Louis Zoo

St. Louis, MO — Using observations, staff discussion groups and interviews, our Analysis of Visitor Orientation, assessed generations of sign systems and created criteria for resolving orientation challenges at this multi-acre site.