Other Clients

Southeast Museums Conference

SEMC piloted a new professional development initiative, the SEMC Leadership Institute, for mid-career museum staff.  We created an evaluation strategy that involved input to obtain participants’ expectations, an end-of-Institute questionnaire, a 3-month later exploration of participants’ perspectives on the Institute and their own work-and-career-related challenges, and a year-later workshop to talk about accomplishments and directions.  SEMC used the evaluation to decide that the pilot venture was a success and will be offering the Institute again.

Association for African American Museums

Washington, DC — In 2007-08, we conducted a National Survey of African American cultural organizations (museums, archives, other organizations with collections) for this museum-service organization, yielding an analysis and assessment of organizational characteristics, and a national directory. Ten years later, we conducted a Needs Assessment, taking a national perspective on African American museums as well as individual members (in-museum staff as well as independent professionals, students, and other members).

National Association for Museum Exhibition

Analyzed NAME members’ understanding of AAM’s subscription renewal process, as well as members’ perceptions of “Exhibitionist” (now “Exhibition”) to inform editors as they changed the format and content.

Newark Conservancy

Newark, NJ — To define the educational value for 2nd and 3rd graders, and its impact on their interest in urban nature, PPDR evaluated a school-group program, “Urban Habitats.”

International Polar Palooza

China and Australia — Working with Geoffrey Haines-Stiles Productions, we conducted an evaluation of hi-def media auditorium presentations in several cities by panels of polar scientists describing their research projects and the relationship of polar conditions to the rest of the planet.

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

Harrisburg, PA — We started our work here with Audience Research for master planning, addressing issues about the composition of the audience, use/interest in temporary exhibitions, defined space and experiences for preschool children, and logistical issues, with Roto Studio, master planners. Later, we conducted Evaluations of 1) two versions of live programming (typical docent-led vs. theatrical) developed for a Science On a Sphere installation, on the subject of storm formation; and 2) “Surgery Live,” a program for high school classes involving live broadcast of non-emergency surgery from a nearby teaching hospital.

Balboa Art Conservation Center

San Diego, CA — PPDR conducted a Needs Assessment for artifact conservation workshops for the Western Region (four western states, staff of museums, archives, libraries, etc. involved in object /art /document conservation), and later a Post-workshop Evaluation assessing follow-up impacts and implementation of professional practices.