Consulting & Facilitating

Facilitating a staff workshop for OMSI in Portland, Oregon, was a fun challenge. They were embarking on a complete re-creation of their Technology Hall (now called Innovation Station), and found it helpful to think about a wide variety of formative evaluation strategies to inform planning and design. The new Hall appeals to women and girls just as much as it does to men and boys - that was one of the project's big goals.

Short-term assignments to help with planning

Examples of types of services:
Facilitating Planning Sessions
Evaluation Workshops for Staff
Staff Retreats

  • Atlanta Symphony, Atlanta GA: facilitate planning sessions about a proposed ‘learning center’ to introduce children and families to orchestral music
  • Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio TX: workshop on program evaluation strategies for the education department
  • Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe NM: facilitating preliminary staff discussions about renewing the Hispanic Heritage Wing
  • OMSI, Portland OR: workshop to brainstorm possible strategies for visitor studies for planning Technoquest
  • Pennsylvania History Museum Educators: seminar on program evaluation strategies