Our 35th “Coral” Anniversary

June 13, 2019 marked PPD Research’s 35th year! The traditional gift for this milestone anniversary is CORAL, but we celebrated LIVING coral rather than GIVING coral.

We all know coral reefs are in trouble from cruise ships, climate change, overfishing and lack of protection. But science is actively seeking to help!

In honor of our 35th anniversary of serving cultural-interpretive organizations, PPD Research donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.  We asked you to join us in supporting activities to help corals cope with a changing world, and we matched your gifts up to $35 (our celebratory number).  Ten people contributed and, with our match, we were able to make a $700 contribution to the Coral Reef Alliance.

Thanks for the opportunities you’ve offered for us to do stimulating and challenging work with you over these three and a half decades!  (and of course, if you have new challenges about visitors and audiences, let us know)

Clockwise from left, a reef in Triton Bay, Indonesia; a spine-cheek anemonefish (Premnas biaculeatus); Utila, Honduras.
Photos by Jeff Yonover, Dennis Liberson, CORAL staff