History and Profile of the Firm

Can 'general public' visitors to museums find a personal connection with industrial history? 'Yes' was the answer at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis (we did the summative evaluation).

People, Places & Design Research specializes in audience research for cultural non-profit organizations, including places that emphasize art (e.g., art museums, performing arts), history (e.g., historic sites, history museums), science (e.g., science and natural history museums), and nature (e.g., aquariums, botanic gardens, zoos). Essentially, we help museums understand their audiences in ways that inform planning and decision-making. Most often, our projects focus on audience analysis, visitor research for exhibit development, and problem-solving on visitor experience issues. We offer a full range of research services and collaboration with various professionals such as administrators, strategic planners, designers, educators, public relations and marketing specialists, development /fundraising specialists, and interpretive staff.

We have worked with a wide variety of types of educational/leisure attractions – including over 180 interpretive or cultural organizations such as:

  • aquariums (e.g., Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey CA)
  • art museums (e.g., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA)
  • botanical gardens (e.g., The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx NY)
  • college museums (e.g., Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton MA)
  • children’s museums (e.g., The Children’s Museum, Boston MA)
  • history museums (e.g., Minnesota History Center, Saint Paul MN)
  • historic sites (e.g., Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury NH)
  • natural history museums (e.g., The Field Museum, Chicago IL)
  • performing arts (e.g., Shakespeare Theatre Festival, Lenox, MA)
  • science museums (e.g., Maryland Science Center, Baltimore MD)
  • general/state museums (e.g., the Museum of New Zealand, Wellington NZ)
  • unique museums (e.g., U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC)
  • zoos and live animal parks (e.g., the Saint Louis Zoo, MO)