Are you interested in audience research for one or more of these reasons?

We have collaborated with the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles on eight studies. These include assessing the audiences after the new Pavillion opened, analyzing the membership, conducting a family program planning study, and conducting several exhibit evaluations including an innovative partnership with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

  1. We want to better define and analyze our audiences

    Why do you want to analyze your audience?

    • We need to know more about who our visitors are. (e.g., a systematic analysis and segmentation of current audiences).
    • We’re concerned about the quality of information we have already about visitors.
    • We’re seeking information to inform a marketing plan, or to analyze how our publicity is working to attract visitors.
    • We need a reliable analysis of the public’s image of our museum or organization. (or perhaps a systematic description of the audiences in our market area).
    • We want to better understand our membership, and ask them about some options for future initiatives.

    We can help with these needs for information.
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  2. We’re seeking audience input for exhibit planning and design

    Why are you interested in exhibit evaluation?

    • Are you planning an exhibition that has “issues” about visitor interests, expectations, misconceptions, etc.?
    • Are you creating a traveling exhibition that you hope will be appealing to audiences at other types of sites?
    • Are you submitting a proposal to a foundation, seeking funding for an exhibition?
    • Are you looking for a good way to explain the difference between a “front end” study, “formative” evaluation, and “summative” evaluation?

    We can help with these needs for information.
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  3. We have a visitor experience problem or challenge

    Why are you interested in analyzing visitor experiences?

    • Do you have a problem to solve about visitors and their experiences? (operational issues? visitor disappointments?)
    • Are you concerned with wayfinding issues? (in an existing building, for a new building, or for an outdoor site?)
    • Do you have a unique issue about your visitors’ experience? (perhaps defining the issue will help find a direction toward resolving it)
    • Do you need strategies for evaluating a variety of short-term programs?

    We can help with these needs for information.
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