30th Anniversary Thank You

We enjoy the challenge of thoroughly understanding your visitors.

In 2014, we celebrated 30 years of problem solving and high-quality audience research to benefit cultural organizations.

How do we say Thanks to former and current organizations who have used our services? We appreciate you for many reasons, including these:

  • you came to us with a good problem or issue (we love a challenge)
  • you were eager to find out about visitors’ perceptions, not just to prove that you were “right”
  • you thought about audience research early enough that it would inform key decisions
  • you understood (or pretended to) the value of random sampling and other scientific practices in good research
  • you actually read the report we wrote for you, thoroughly, and made comments and asked questions

— and here’s the big one:

  • you used the results from our research to make key decisions on your project

All this appreciation adds up to a big THANK YOU for making it all a rewarding experience.